The Commission

SerVermont is governed by a Governor appointed commission consisting of up to 25 individuals. Commission composition requirements were established by the National and Community Service Trust Act of 1993. The commission meets at least four times annually to fulfill its' duties. The commission also meets as needed to administer the AmeriCorps grant making process. All SerVermont meetings are open to the public.


List of Commissioners - A full list of commission members can be found on the Governor's website.

Commission Meetings

Regular commission meetings are held four times per year at times that align with the AmeriCorps funding cycle. Meetings are held in the Waterbury State Office Complex's Sally Fox Conference Center. All regular meetings run from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM. The commission also meets as needed in order to administer national service programming. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend all SerVermont meetings. Regular meeting dates for 2020 are March 16, May 15, October 15, and a meeting in December date to be determined.

Commission Minutes

2019 Meeting Minutes

January 2019 Minutes
March 2019 Minutes
May 2019 Minutes
October 2019 Minutes - DRAFT

2018 Meeting Minutes

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September 2018 Minutes
December 2018 Minutes

2017 Meeting Minutes

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December 2017 Minutes

2016 Meeting Minutes

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2015 Meeting Minutes

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2014 Meeting Minutes

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SerVermont Bylaws