SerVermont monitors the performance of our AmeriCorps programs using data provided by the Corporation for National and Community Service. Some of the  indicators of a high-quality AmeriCorps program are enrollment and retention rates for AmeriCorps members, and the utilization of AmeriCorps positions granted to a program. Data presented here is cumulative for all AmeriCorps State programs in Vermont. SerVermont works with individual programs to maintain or improve their utilziation of AmeriCorps resources.  SerVermont also monitors our progress towards providing opportunities for Vermonters to serve utlizing this same data. Our goal is to increase the number of AmeriCorps positions (slots) and full time equivalents (Member Service Years) in Vermont.

AmeriCorps Member Service Years

Member Service Years (MSY) are the AmeriCorps version of Full Time Equivalents. One MSY is equal to one full-time AmeriCorps member. This chart indicates how many MSY were available during the AmeriCorps Program Year. SerVermont is currently in a growth pattern, and has seen a significant increase in the number of MSY our AmeriCorps State programs support over the last few years. We are excited about this growth, and the additional opportunities to serve that result from it. Data becomes available at the beginning of the program year.

AmeriCorps Member Service Year Enrollment

MSY enrollment rate is calculated by comparing the number of MSY, or full time equivalents, available to a program to the number they utilized. Data becomes available at the end of the program year. Over the last couple of years, SerVermont has seen established programs increase their MSY enrollment, and has added new programs which has held the overall enrollment rate lower. For the 2015-16 AmeriCorps program year SerVermont had three continuing programs and four new programs. All three of the continuing programs improved their MSY enrollment rate, ranging from a slight increase (0.4%) to 2.9%. One new program enrolled 100% of their MSY, with the other two at 92.3% and 43.5% respectively. Enrollment data by program is only reported on after the program has more than one year of operation. SerVermont strives to have all programs enroll 100% of their awarded MSY.

AmeriCorps Slot Enrollment

One AmeirCorps slot represents one AmeriCorps Member, regardless if they are serving a full time term of service or less. This chart represents the percentage of available slots that our AmeriCorps programs filled out of the slots available to them for the program year indicated. Data becomes available at the end of the program year. Slot enrollment may exceed 100% if a slot is refilled after the original member serving in it leaves service early. While the percentage of slots filled for the last program year is down, the number of available slots is up significantly from the previous year and the overall number of slots filled has increased.

AmeriCorps Member Retention

AmeriCorps Member retention is calculated by comparing the total number of AmeriCorps members enrolled to the number that successfully completed their term of service.  Data becomes available at the end of the program year. AmeriCorps member retention is important to pay attention to, but members often leave service for reasons beyond a program's control, and a member leaving service early is not neccesarily an indicator of poor program performance. Leaving service early due to illness, moving, or for a job opportunity all impact the retention rate negatively, but are not neccesarily because of the program. SerVermont monitors the reasons why members leave service early, and addresses program performance on a case by case basis.