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Links and Resources

SerVermont strives to provide access to resources that assist our programs and partners in understanding national service, and running strong national service programs. The resources listed below are the resources we most frequently refer to.

Corporation for National and Community Service

About CNCS - Information on the Corporation for National and Community Service
Funding Opportunities - A list of all currently available funding opportunities from CNCS
Knowledge Networks - Resources for running CNCS programs by focus area.
Terms and Conditions for CNCS Grants -  Terms and Conditions for all CNCS grants by program type and year.
National Service Legislation - Legislation relevant to national service programming.

Running an AmeriCorps Program

Applying for AmeriCorps State and National Grants - Information on applying for AmeriCorps grants
AmeriCorps Frequently Asked Questions - Frequently asked questions for applicants, members, individuals, and organizations
AmeriCorps Program Compliance Review Tool - The tool SerVermont uses to assess AmeriCorps Program compliance.
AmeriCorps Member File Review Tool - The tool SerVermont uses to assess AmeriCorps Member Files for completeness and compliance. 
AmeriCorps Program Performance Review Tool - The tool SerVermont uses to assess AmeriCorps Program Performance Measurement systems and processes for compliance.
AmeriCorps Branding Guidance - Information on the AmeriCorps brand, the AmeriCorps logo, and how to use it.
OnCorps Reports - The system SerVermont uses to manage AmeriCorps Programs, and AmeriCorps Programs use to manage members and report.
eGrants - The system CNCS uses to manage grants, members and AmeriCorps competitions.

National Service in Vermont

National Service in VT - Access reports on national service in VT, including service locations, number of members, and the impact of national service on Vermont.

Performance Management

CNCS Performance Measurement - Information on CNCS Performance Measurement
CNCS Performance Measurement Core Curriculum - CNCS Performance Measurement Curriculum and Online Tutorials
Results Based Accountability - Fiscal Policy Studies Institute's website for all things RBA
Results Based Accountability Guide - A comprehensive resource for all things RBA
Vermont Act 186 - The "RBA Law" -  Learn about Act 186 on Benchmarks for a Better Vermont's website
Act 186 Results Scorecard - Vermont's RBA Scorecard where you can see progress towards Act 186 Outcomes of Well-Being for Vermonters (Agency of Human Services)