Funding Opportunities

AmeriCorps State 2019 Additional Formula Funding

SerVermont anticipated additional formula funding to be available for operational programs or planning grants (see below for planning grant information). Letters of Intent are due May 24, 2019 and full applications are due June 14, 2019. More information on this opportunity is available in the Request for Proposals below, or from SerVermont staff. Please contact us for more information.

SerVermont AmeriCorps State Additional Formula Funding Request for Proposals 2019 (Funds 2019-2020)  

AmeriCorps State 2019 Competition

SerVermont's AmeriCorps State 2019 competition held in coordination with the Corporation for National and Community Service's (CNCS) AmeriCorps State and National compeition is currently closed. Full applications were due to SerVermont on December 3, 2018 at 12 Noon EST through the eGrants system.  More information on submitting a full application can be found in the Request for Proposals. This competition is held annually. The recently closed competition funds programs operating in the AmeriCorps 2019-2020 Program Year, which runs September of 2019 through August of 2020. CNCS announced funding decisions from this compeition in April 2019.

SerVermont's competition is for single state AmeriCorps programs that propose operating only in Vermont. Applicants that propose operating in multiple states apply directly to CNCS through the national competition. Single state applicants must respond to SerVermont's Request for Proposals and all applicable deadlines in order to be considered for funding.

Multi-state applicants apply directly to CNCS, but must consult with SerVermont on an annual basis as part of the process. SerVermont requires multi-state applicants proposing to operate in Vermont to consult us using an online fillable form. Many states can be consulted at once using this form. The form can be found here:

The AmeriCorps State Competition in Vermont is governed by the documents below, as well as the CNCS materials related to this competition. CNCS materials can be found on the CNCS website linked to below.

SerVermont AmeriCorps Risk Assessment

State of Vermont Attachment C: Standard State Provisions for Contracts and Grants 12/15/17

CNCS AmeriCorps State Notice of Funding Opportunity 2019 Website

Past AmeriCorps State Funding Opportunities

SerVermont AmeriCorps State Request for Proposals 2019 (Funds 2019-20)
SerVermont AmeriCorps State Request for Proposals 2018 (Funds 2018-19)
SerVermont AmeriCorps State Request for Proposals 2017 (Funds 2017-2018)
SerVermont AmeriCorps State Request for Proposals 2016 (Funds 2016-2017)

SerVermont AmeriCorps State Request for Proposals 2015 (Funds 2015-2016)


AmeriCorps State Planning Grant Opportunities

SerVermont is currently seeking proposals for AmeriCorps State Planning Grants to fund September 1, 2019 through August 31, 2020 planning activities. AmeriCorps Planning Grants provide funding for organizations to prepare to host an AmeriCorps State Program.

SerVermont is interested in funding planning grants in underserved areas of the state that do not currently host an AmeriCorps program and to organizations that seek to develop a program, particularly if the program would operate in a focus area that we do not currently offer programming.

Please contact SerVermont's Executive Director, Phil Kolling at for more information on planning grants and to discuss your planning grant concept.

The planning grant process will be governed by SerVermont's Planning Grant Request for Proposals.

SerVermont AmeriCorps State Planning Grant Request for Proposals 2019 (Funds 2019-2020)

Past AmeriCorps State Planning Grant Funding Opportunities 

SerVermont AmeriCorps State Planning Grant Request for Proposals 2016 (Funds 2016-2017)


AmeriCorps VISTA Funding Opportunities

The application window for organizations interested in hosting AmeriCorps VISTA members during the 2019-20 VISTA program year has closed. Letters of Intent were due to SerVermont on February 8, 2019, with complete applications due March 1, 2019. Below you will find the Request for Proposals, the application form, and application instructions from the competition.

2019 SerVermont VISTA Host Site Request for Proposals

2019 SerVermont VISTA Host Site Application Instructions

2019 SerVermont VISTA Host Site Application