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Funding Opportunities

AmeriCorps State 2023 Competition

SerVermont's AmeriCorps State 2023 competition held in coordination with AmeriCorps State and National competition is open for applications. More information on submitting a full application can be found in the Request for Proposals. This competition is held annually. The next competition funds programs operating in the AmeriCorps 2023-2024 Program Year, which runs September of 2023 through August of 2024. AmeriCorps will announce funding decisions for this competition in April 2023.

SerVermont's competition is for single state AmeriCorps programs that propose operating only in Vermont. Applicants that propose operating in multiple states apply directly to AmeriCorps through the national competition. Single state applicants must respond to SerVermont's Request for Proposals and all applicable deadlines to be considered for funding.

Multi-state applicants apply directly to AmeriCorps, but must consult with SerVermont on an annual basis as part of the process. 

The AmeriCorps State Competition in Vermont is governed by the State documents below, as well as the AmeriCorps materials related to this competition. AmeriCorps' materials can be found on the CNCS website linked to below.


SerVermont AmeriCorps State Request for Proposals 2023 (Funds 2023-24)

SerVermont AmeriCorps Risk Assessment

State of Vermont Attachment C: Standard State Provisions for Contracts and Grants

State of Vermont Attachment F: Agency of Human Services Customary Contract and Grant Provisions

AmeriCorps State Notice of Funding Opportunity 2023 Website