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Dear Friends,

Vermont has a long history of service and volunteerism, and a strong national service presence. SerVermont is proud to be part of that legacy, and to continue and build upon that strong tradition of service.

Vermonters are being recognized for their volunteerism and service on a national scale. From the  number of AmeriCorps and Peace Corps volunteers we produce to the percentage of Vermonters who volunteer, we have a lot going for ourselves.  In 2016 Vermont has once again been  recognized as the #4 AmeriState for the number of AmeriCorps members we produce per capita. Vermont is also the #1 Peace Corps  producing state per capita.  Vermont continues to climb the ranks in terms of volunteer rates as well, having recently been recognized by the Corporation for National and Community Service as the #8 State for volunteer rate, with 33.1% of residents volunteering.  To put it simply, lots of Vermonters volunteer, and lots of Vermonters serve in formal service programs. We have known that for a long time, and we now have the data and rankings to prove it!

The case for national service is so compelling that our leaders are noticing the impact of national service in their communities, and honoring the contributions of AmeriCorps and Senior Corps members. On Mayor and County Day of Recognition for National Service  the Vermont General Assembly passed HCR 320  which recognized the impact of national service on Vermont, and ALL of Vermont's Mayors honored national service members with a  joint proclmation recognizing members service and impact on their local community. National service is certainly getting things done for Vermont!

SerVermont encourages everyone to serve. There is no amount of time that can't be put to valuable use through service. Vermont has many non-profits and community groups where our citizen's efforts can be put to tremendous use. Or, simply looking after a neighbor can make a huge difference in their day and their life. Whether you serve through national service, or simply help a neighbor, all Vermonters can make a difference in their community by serving.

Vermont has opportunities to serve through AmeriCorps and Senior Corps in all regions of the state, doing all types of important work. SerVermont  currently supports six AmeriCorps Programs and two AmeriCorps planning grants. For more information on those programs and planning grants, please visit our Programs Page. For more information on national service in Vermont, please visit Vermont's State Service Profile.

SerVermont also just launched a new State Service Plan to guide us into the future.  If you would like to review the plan to see where we are headed, please visit our State Service Plan page.

In Service,

Phil Kolling
Executive Director, SerVermont

AmeriCorps Reaches One Million Members

October 7 SerVermont celebrates the one millionth AmeriCorps member entering service! We will be gathering at various locations around the state to celebrate, and will join thousands of AmeriCorps members around the country in a live stream ceremony with the Corporation for National and Community Service and NASA!

Banner announcing Vermont as the number 4 AmeriState

Vermont Ranked #4 AmeriState for Second Year 

SerVermont is excited that Vermont has held on to the #4 ranking for producing AmeriCorps members per capita. The rankings were determined by the Corporation for National and Community Service by associating the permanent address of AmeriCorps members to a US designated place and state, including the District of Columbia. The analysis looked exclusively at AmeriCorps members who served in program year 2014. For more information please visit the CNCS AmeriStates Page.